DAVDA INSTITUTE has been running Ancient & Ultra Modern Hypnotherapy - Training cum Treatment Course.
Specially considering that every person is different from others & they can't have same treatment. With full personal interactions using aura guided mind programming and by understanding emotional,intellectual background of a person. Let Your Today’s Step be the Topnotch for the success of your Life Mind power means the best remedy on the earth. The creation by ancient scientists i.e. rishimunni is deemed to be Sanjivani Vidya. The best therapy free from any side effect will bring new direction to your life through astonishing & romantic experiences to your life. Just enjoy to walk-in.

In a Snap
Relax and Energetic.
Peace and Pleasure
Relief from the Pain
Stress free Exam
Relief from the Headache
Self confidence and willpower
Fear free and courageous
Invisible Power for Success A person who can understand invisible things can do impossible things. By using power of your sub-concious mind you can get success in many fields.
Meaningful Goals Your sub-concious mind has unlimited power to set & achieve your goals of career, health & relationship to have meaningful life.
Sub-Concious Trigger Points Under post hypnosis marvellous & very effective trigger points can be activated for fast track deep peaceful level & command your mind to effectively solve personal problems.
Meditation in Nature You can have most enchanting deep level & enjoy full freedom of your mind in pure lush green nature at any place in India.

   The Real Pleasure: Peace of Mind
Mind power includes holistic health sciences based on holistic hypnotherapy, various meditation, dhyan technique based on Patanjali, Budhha, Osho, etc.

Healing Technique:
Reiky & Pranik healing etc.
Most honorable & reverent Jijus crist, Mohammad Paigambar, Lord Ram, Krishna, Mahavir, Budhha & currently Anthony Robbins, Jose Silva, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Ravishankar, Ramjimaharaj etc. have explained moral teaching & Positive auto suggession. Of course their grace & guidance is the nectar for this course. Through Holistic hypnotherapy you may feel so much peace like you are on the mount of Kailas of the Himalayas. Hypnotherapy means master technique to vanish your tension & stress. Your body becomes so light you reach charming colorful loving hilarious heavenly dream just away from the troubles of the world. How the words can express this feelings!

Don’t Afraid
In this situation you don’t become unconscious but you become more alert towards the surroundings.

Read the History & become today’s Emperor
The heroic divine gifts of god are completely beyond the comparisons. Men are the crown creation of god. The god has hidden his wonderful supreme power in human beings. Indian Rushes had done Yoga sadhana from thousands of years. For self realization & to understand the mystic creation of nature. They tried hard, thus they experienced unlimited power of Sub conscious mind. These references are available in our ved & Puran. The modern short cut way means Mind Power Course. In 1775, Dr. ANTOM MESMER of Austria demonstrated animal magnetism in 1843 Dr. JEMS BRED named the concept hypnotism. Dr. SIGMAND FROID (1853-1939) developed the concept of sub conscious mind.


IF A DEPRESSED PERSON TRYING TO MAKE A SUICIDE START TO DO A WORK WITH ENTHUSIASUM, IF A STEMMERER STARTS SPEAKING NATURALLY, A GIRL WHO HAS NEVER DANCED & STARTS DANCING IN RHYTHAM A PERSON Trembling from the fear and never facing to the people, becomes stage staking orator, a slim person lifts heavy weight, an oppression is performed without anesthesia when the patient keeps smiling and talking , a person eating bitter guard or chili like a carrot, a person escaping from the study becomes a book worm and acheus extra ordinary result, and a constant failures gets smashing success then it is not a miracle but it is a wonderful result the power of subconscious mind.

Spoken English

Davda Institute has been running Spoken English course since 1981.

We are pioneers in India to launch Audio Visual System in Effective English Learning. All India faculty trainer and SVOMPT® discoverer Prof. Ashok R. Davda, the founder of Davda Institute has trained thousands of Students including Doctors , Chartered Accountants, Advocates & Business Executives.

The only registered Master Technique for construction of Correct Sentences in English.
Grammar Learning most boring grammar, Complex International rules in Laughing way.Learn Tenses as Funny interacting conversations / games at Davda Intitute.
Speak with A Style,
Learn with a Smile,
Stage Presentation with Communication skills, Vocabulary,GD, Interview Skills, Anchorship, Profile.
Per(Every).. Sona(Sound-Voice Cultivation).. Lity(Light). Positive and motivational vibration of thoughts,Goal Setting with Leadership & much more

    Professional TRAINING course
Telephone talks with etiquette & formal stylist skilled manner, Highly sophisticated skilled communication & commercial conversation , Accent & pronunciation training thru Headphone system, More than 150 foreign Video programs., Professional groups Discussion, Debate, Extempore Elocution and Role play system etc., Vocabulary enrichment: Vocabulary Mind Machine Lab. For highly professional touch, Practice to speak on mike., Full grammar with detailed knowledge of tense throught PPT on LCD, Stylish wishes: words in sweet hearts, Express yourself with: Proper Plan, Systematic training, you attitude, Polishe etiquette & professional smiling.

PIP Aura Photography

See your Live Aura with Kirilian Camera PIP Aura Photography.
Equipments based and Developed by Scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield, UK.
See and Check ..how your ideas, thoughts, emotions and mind change the Resonance Imaging of your Aura.
Understand and Analyze your progress on Live Computer Screen.

Computer Meridian Diagnosis

CMD is a unique computer-aided system for conducting easy self-tests of one's health. It has been tested and proven in the Russian space program. This state-of-the-art system, has been used by cosmonauts to monitor their own health while in space and take remedial measures, if indicated. This way Diagnose yourself with Detailed report for 12 Organs in single run.
Measurements are taken unique CMD-Sensor, these readings then are sent, via the Internet, to the central CMD-Server in Germany. Readings are compared with more than 12 million measurements stored in the CMD-Server and an evaluation report is made. The evaluation is sent back via the Internet. It gives an accurate picture of health. The evaluation is presented with full-colour graphics and easy-to-follow text. CMD will suggest simple, proven self-therapy measures one may take to improve your readings.
Contact us to have quick diagnosis Using CMD.

Super IQ

Mind Machine


Pck 2: STRESS BUSTER (FOR Deep Sleep, Better Health & Peak Performace)


World's Only Mind Machine, Highly Recommended by Department of Psychology.
For Teachers, Students, housewives and Executives.
Call us for Free demo and heavy discount with affordable price.
URGENT FAST ACTION BONUS FREE : 2 CDs " Awake and Energize (worth Rs. 530/-)" Contact us for more Information on Mind Machine

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